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Biz Network®, The SEO Company, offers businesses the online tools for success. Biz Network® offers simple websites and professional web sites to fully featured e-commerce platforms, we’ve done virtually every type of site that can be imagined. We emphasize clean, elegant structures along with sound artistic principles and creative use of language to produce both steak AND sizzle, thereby balancing the many competing tendencies of the web.

Biz Network® create our sites in an easy-to-modify modular format so that new features can be added quickly and efficiently. We most commonly use the WordPress Content Management System, but have exprience with Drupal, Joomla, Moveable Type, and other platforms. We design our interfaces to make our sites easy-to-navigate and inspire interaction with their visitors.

In addition to great looking designs, we develop websites to be optimized for the requirements of the search engines. From keyword research to page content development (copywriting) and proper meta-tagging, Positronic Design, The SEO Company, makes sure that your site has the best shot at ranking #1 for your desired keywords.

Our web site design services include:

> Needs Analysis and Design Consultation

> Keyword Research and Selection

> Copywriting and Content Development

> Graphics Creation, Photography and Retouching

> HTML Coding and Testing

> Updates and Ongoing Maintenance

> Virtual and Dedicated Site Hosting Solutions

> Statistical Analysis and Campaign Response Tracking

> Collateral Marketing Campaigns

> Online Storefront, Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Development

> Participation in and Creation of Affiliate Programs

> Meta Tagging and Search Engine Promotion

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