General Questions

1. How long does it take to start seeing results from your program?.

In can take from 2 to 4 months. Its worth the wait!

2.  How long is contract?

We only have month to month service. No Contracts!

3.  Can I add an employee to help with writing articles and blogs?

Yes! Our control panel allows you to add a manager user.

4. Can I change the keywords later in the program.

Yes, in your control panel, you have the option to update keywords. However, this will cause another wait period while Google and other engines refresh the new Keywords.

5. Do you offer refunds or any guarantees?

No, we do our best to get you ranking well with the search engines. Some keywords are more competitive than other keywords. It can take time. We don’t offer any refunds because a lot of work and cost go into making your search optimization work.

6. How many Business Directories are my business listed in?

Your business and marketing site is listed in 14 Business Directories. You can login to the control panel and see all business directories listed with your company profile.

7.  Can we add Google Analytics and Site Map to our Marketing Site?

Yes, you are assured that the results and analytics are real. After all, It’s Google!